Wednesday afternoon a consultant from Ohio spent more than two hours in a meeting room at Love Field Airport with the Dallas City Council to help them find ways to become nicer people. I went to it, because I was hoping I might pick up a few tips for myself. To review, the Rocky Bleier Jersey consultant job was to help the mayor and City Council learn to behave in less divisive, more positive and healing ways when dealing with false felony charges, character assassination, backstabbing, politically inspired smear campaigns, liars and idiots. I thought, my God, this is exactly what I need to be hearing. It sounds so life changing. When I came in they were all at their tables, supposedly consulting with each other about how to be nicer. The larger share of the crowd was made up of top city staff, which goes to the actual reason for the session. You may remember that last summer several idiots and liars at City Hall made up a phony baloney felony charge against council member Scott Griggs, accusing him of threatening to break the fingers of a female staff member over something having to do with proper posting of a meeting notice. The consultant visit came about because another member of the council, Jennifer Staubach Gates, whose name is sometimes bruited about for mayor, thought that Martavis Bryant Jersey more attention needed to be focused on Griggs, even if the grand jury had decided he was not guilty of the accusations against him. So Gates organized yesterday session as a way to keep the pot boiling. So he kept his cool through gas drilling, contract botching, lobbyist tricking and flow controlling, but he was going to break somebody fingers over meeting posting? Seemed very unlikely. Seemed more likely the charges themselves were revenge on Griggs for catching people in so many lies and so much trickery. And that what the grand jury must have thought, because they threw the whole thing out as soon as they got a look at it. Related StoriesDocuments Reveal City Attorney Running a Back Corridor Jihad Against Scott GriggsConnect the Dots in personalized hockey jerseys the Griggs Coercion Case and a Familiar Face AppearsCity Council Heroes Are the Ones Who Get Rude When the People Get Screwed Now admittedly this is all according to a confessed BPS sufferer, myself, and there might be nicer ways to view the matter. That what I was hoping for from the consultant. Novak said make your own basketball jersey at the top of her session that she wanted to help the council deal with some of its more notable personality flaws, which she wrote on the white board as, bullying, self justifying, adversarial and some other things that I couldn read. No, really, I would love to become a nicer person. I don like to make a big deal out of this because I afraid people will think I asking for special treatment, but I have suffered all my life from BPS, which is the acronym for Bad Personality Syndrome. I am always on the lookout for non pharmaceutical therapies, mainly because the pharmaceutical solutions kind of beat me up at this point in life. Julia Novak of the Novak Consulting Group is totally legitimate as far as I can Tyrann Mathieu Youth Jersey tell, highly trained with a great r It seemed to me the Dallas City Council would be a decent test of her abilities midway between the National Assembly of Taiwan, Reggie White Jersey famous for its hilarious YouTube fistfights, and the College of Cardinals, which the council does not resemble. Ever. At all. It was a serious charge with a potential sentence of time in prison and the loss of his law license. But from the very beginning, there was always something idiotic and untruthful seeming about it. Griggs had never threatened to break anyone fingers or lost his cool in any way Tyrann Mathieu Womens Jersey when he uncovered a secret deal to allow gas drilling in city parks, when he found that top city staff had lied to him about important public works construction contracts in his district, when the mayor vowed to voters that his campaign consultant would never return to City Hall as a lobbyist and then she returned to City Hall as a lobbyist, when the mayor promised the council it could trust top staffers pushing a major new trash hauling system called and then a federal judge ruled that flow control was a City Hall scam. I out in the peanut gallery watching, and it occurs to me, know one way you folks could be nicer would be not sitting with your backs to each other staring at your telephones, tapping on your laptops and checking your makeup instead of consulting. But, you know, that was the BPS talking. City staffers and council members try to learn to be nicer people by staring at their phones and their laptops with their backs to a niceness consultant. Based on my research, the biggest known cause of BPS is other people being idiots and liars. I was mainly interested to see if the consultant would have strategies in mind for that. After the table talking portion of the session, council member Ricky Callahan got up and read off a list of ideas his table had come up with: considerate to each other, he read in a monotone, the golden rule, still shouldn be afraid to say something, mutual respect, I not looking for a yes person. So I thinking if they followed the golden rule we wouldn be sitting here in the first Julius Peppers Womens Jersey place. Nobody would have filed the fake felony charges against Griggs for catching them being idiots and liars. No one Rob Ninkovich Youth Jersey would have tried to stir the charges again by having this session after the charges got kicked by the grand jury. I started thinking about all that, and my hopes for help with my BPS syndrome began to wane.